This guide was written to answer the practical questions associated with deploying WebAuthn for internal authentication. I’ve been very careful to provide knowledge & advice that will be applicable in most cases regardless of your choice of vendor(s), the size of your business or the industry you operate in.

I’m providing this knowledge to you completely free, because I believe the next few years will see a huge uptake in WebAuthn; with those that get left behind becoming part of an ever shrinking target pool for scammers & miscreants. The technology to stop phishing exists now and, in the right circumstances, can be deployed at no cost.

I have personally found it difficult to get a straight answer and end-to-end guidance about WebAuthn because guides I found were trying to sell me their product, or evangelize about WebAuthn in general. It’s easy to convince Security/IT geeks (myself included) about the value of WebAuthn, this guide helps you apply it in your environment.

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